Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shetland Throw

My first long trip up to Shetland for a while has seen the completion of my Denim Patchwork Throw. This project has been not quite two years in the making - with lots of gaps in activity - but I am very pleased with the result. There are examples of several different techniques possible using denim cotton yarn as well as different stitch types honouring Shetland knitting - both Fair Isle and lace knitting. I also worked out my own design for a Shetland Flag. I can see that there have been many influences along the way, the landscape of Shetland itself as well as a battered corrugated fence at my old primary school

I've really enjoyed all aspects of this project: the knitting, the 'distressing' techniques and the stitching together (and you don't usually hear me say that sewing-up is fun!). I particular enjoyed stitching some fishes onto the fishnet lace piece - a good catch! The next challenge will be to see how the colours cope with their first collective wash - but not just yet.