Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Endings... and Beginnings

Apologies once again for having been very remiss of late here - especially to those of you who posted comments after November's entry.
They've finally been published!

Please do keep visiting the blog, I'm planning to keep writing in 2009.

I've also finally finished my throw. The "dog days" between Christmas and New Year have been used to good purpose for once, in sewing together the three sections and the cat is already enjoying his new bed, as you can see. I'm really pleased both with the results and the process of creating this piece. It began with a simple moss stitch sample and grew from there in a very organic and unplanned way, going where the knitting suggested it wanted to go. Inspired by the colours and wools of the Shetland Isles, it also resonates with other landscapes as the picture below, from my visit to Helsinki last month, shows. This ending inspires me to new beginnings in knitting as we stand on the bridge between the old year and the new. Love and peace to you all.