Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wheels within wheels

Hello and slightly belated Happy New Year to all! I've just been reading that the artist and TV presenter Tony Hart has died. Limited though my artistic efforts were as a child, he and his programme Vision On were a great inspiration, so thanks for the gifts that his life has brought to me and many others. And this past couple of weeks I've been re-connecting to all of that as I embark on Module Two of my City and Guilds Handknitting course, which is all about colour. Working on the production of my own colour wheel with paint I've also been inspired to knit one - I have to say this was much easier than mixing colours with acrylics (although of course I now have to sew it all together!)

It's been a strange start to the year as my Other Half has not been at all well and has been off work. Meanwhile I'm trying to improve my work-life balance by working from home one day a week. This is certainly helping but I still feel like I've got a crazy amount to do in all areas of my life. Meditation wheels and mandalas are designed to help us preseve a still centre and by chance(?)this week I came across a beautifully hand-painted mandala a friend of mine made and gave to me a while ago.

It seemed to work well with the theme of both the colour wheel and the Buddhist idea of the wheel of life, a suitable image for the cycle of my own life in the year I turn 50. A time of life to take stock and look for new opportunities in a different way from before, perhaps. I'm struggling to make sense of this at the moment in a time of conflicting tasks and responsibilities, as well as creative possibilities. Who knows, in any event, where the Wheel of Fortune is going to land you next?!