Sunday, 9 March 2008

Obsessed with moss

Another fortnight has gone by - how? Lots of work preoccupations and, last week, several trips to the ballet, including my first visit to Covent Garden, which was wonderful. Meanwhile I've been continuing to work on my moss stitch throw and have nearly completed one panel strip. I'm quite pleased with the effect - am rather obsessed with these mossy colours at the moment - and think it succeeds in looking like the Shetland picture I posted last time. Now I'm experimenting with other moss stitch based panels to go alongside it.

My cardigan design has rather run aground, I think for several reasons. I've finished the fronts and the back and can't quite work out the best way to do the three-quarter length sleeves. There also seems to be a problem with the fronts not quite matching because the fabric has been pulled too tight on the side where I've changed colours doing the slip ribbon stitch. This has happened before when I've been doing coloured stripes and the thought that I could have avoided this if I'd knitted the project on circular needles is providing quite a lot of inertia at the moment. I'm also really enjoying working on the throw and trying out different samples and ideas and want to concentrate on that for now. This means that I've not been practising spinning either, although I have another session booked with Carole for this week. I've always been concerned about setting aside time to learn to spin when there's so much I want to do with knitting and this is proving to be the case at the moment. I need some incentive, like a sense of making progress from my current complete incompetence at the task!

Meanwhile my Tuesday knitting group is one year old this week and we're having an anniversary dinner. Like the time between these blog entries I can't quite get my head round that a year has gone so fast. It's been such a great addition to my working week, the Tuesday night stop off on the way home to catch up with everyone's news and latest projects.