Friday, 21 December 2007

KnitWoman to the Rescue

Don't you hate it when people disparage knitting as the epitome of everything that's dull? I got so cross about it this week that I wrote a letter to The Times. And what do you know they published it!

An article by Hugo Rifkind about people in public life who should retire included a reference to Germaine Greer. "Let it go, love", Mr Rifkind wrote. "Take up knitting." I've had enough of this, I thought. Time for KnitWoman to go to the rescue in defence of her craft. You can read the letter online at

So in wishing everyone a really good Christmas and Happy New Year, I hope you'll all be prepared to put on the (knitted of course) mantle of KnitWoman in 2008 and defend our craft from the sneers and slurs of the uninitiated.


Oh, yes, that trip to the South Atlantic. More about that next time, with pictures of some of the lovely knitted things I bought in Chile.