Friday, 12 October 2007

Knitting the Blues

Most weeks there's that "I hate knitting" moment when something's gone wrong and you wonder why you're wasting your time tying bits of string together with sticks. I hit this big time on Sunday night when, instead of consoling my man about Scotland losing the rugby, I was giving him grief about my needles sliding off the stitches on his mitts. The next day it was straight out for some bamboo dpns - they saved my life (and possibly my marriage). Spouse was greeted at the door the next evening with gloves safely hanging from their needles, only slightly larger than cocktail sticks and ideal for those tight turns on half-finger gloves. They were finished in no time after that, and have met with much approval from the recipient, but it will be a while before I risk knitting something else for the man in my life!